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Institute training programs follow the traditional academic year.  Classes will start in September, so fill out your application today!

The St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute has a commitment to students wishing to further their education through our programs.  To be considered for an Institute need-based scholarship, please send completed application, tax return, brief statement of financial need and references. 

Refer to each application for more details. Scholarship Opportunities 2013-2014 (pdf, 104.13KB)

OPEN CLASSES of the Adult and Child Psychoanalytic Training Program 

Each year, the Institute opens several courses in the training program to non-candidates.  Graduates of an advanced Psychotherapy program (such as the APP affiliated with the Institute or comparable training programs), individuals in psychiatric training programs, academics with a research interest in the area, along with Advanced Analytic Candidates and Faculty of the Institute may apply to take these open courses.

Open Class Courses Descriptions 2013-14 (pdf, 277.46KB)
Application - NEW Open Class Student (pdf, 73.69KB)
Application - RETURNING Open Class Student (pdf, 66.92KB)
Application - Faculty or Advanced Candidate (pdf, 66.69KB)
Scholarship Application (pdf, 81.44KB)
Refund Policy (pdf, 151.34KB)

Training in Psychoanalysis:

Adult and Child Psychoanalytic Training includes a personal psychoanalysis, courses in theory and practice, and psychoanalyses of patients under supervision of senior analysts. 

Application Adult & Child Psychoanalysis (pdf, 215.54KB)
Refund Policy (pdf, 151.34KB)

Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (APP) Program:

The Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (APP) Program is a two-year program open to all mental health professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric or hospice nurses, and pastoral or educational counselors. 

Application (pdf, 129.58KB)
APP Second-Year Scholarship Information (pdf, 83.08KB)
Refund Policy (pdf, 151.34KB)

Child Development Program (CDP):

The Child Development Program (CDP) is a one-year program offering a developmental framework of childhood for professionals in education, mental health, and allied fields. Participants receive an in-depth understanding of the psychological issues of childhood through adolescence that will aid them in supporting a foundation for sound human development.

Application (pdf, 129.58KB)
Refund Policy (pdf, 151.34KB)

Additionally, the Institute presents a series of Seminars and Lectures throughout the school year:

Lectures and Seminars for Mental Health Professionals
Lectures and Seminars for Educators and Professionals Who Work with Children
Lectures and Seminars for the Community

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